Nursing Assistant Recovers From Ebola

Have you ever wondered about the conditions of those who have recently contracted Ebola? One individual who recently overcame contracting ebola named Teresa Romero Ramos sure does. She was the first person to contract Ebola outside of West Africa since the recent outbreak of the disease. She stayed in the hospital for a long period of time away from friends and loved ones. Even thought she may have been free and clear of the disease for some time she still had to stay at the hospital while they made sure and ran several tests. Leaving the hospital she looked weak and in need of some time to recover but she was at least smiling and moving in the right direction.

Ebola virus treated

Like many who recover from Ebola Teresa attributed her recovery to a sheer miracle. From not knowing how she actually became sick with Ebola in the first place she still is a little confused about the whole situation. While she attributes her success to a miracle many say it’s because she was willing to take risks in her treatment.

It only took Teresa Romero Ramos thirty days to recover from the illness sufficiently to leave the hospital. They actually kept her in the same facility at which she contracted the Ebola infection. While disillusioned with the fact that she contracted the disease at the very hospital she was treated she was still very satisfied with the overall care she received from the medical staff at the facility.

One of the most difficult parts of contracting the disease is the emotional effect it takes on the individual. To be quarantined away from the rest of the world when you have a life threatening illness is very difficult to think about. Being separated from your loved ones at such a time is the worst possible thing for someone emotionally.

Fortunately while she was battling over the emotional stress of being separated from her loved ones there was still sufficient help and care from the medical staff at the hospital.

At this point in her time of release doctors have cleared Teresa of any change of getting others sick. That’s great news considering now she can return to her family as she makes a slow and steady recovery. While she may have contracted Ebola, the experience also came as a learning opportunity on how to better care for patients without contracting the disease. Hopefully Teresa can use that information in the future as she treats sick patients.

Hospital | Ebola Recovery

Teresa can also use the lessons she learned to help aid family members who’s loved one’s are in cardiac arrest and need ACLS certification techniques for recovery. While ACLS online recertification is available to everyone not everyone takes advantage of the lessons that can be learned.