Healthcare Workers Turn to ACLS Online As Their Primary Training Method

While ACLS certification and recertification have traditionally been performed in a classroom setting today ACLS online courses have been made available for the busy healthcare provider. It is important to recognize that much of our hospital staff are overworked here in the United States. It is surprising to see the amount of hours both doctors and nurses are now spending in the hospital without an increase in pay. Besides treating patients, the requisites to stay a licensed medical provider continue to increase. This makes focusing on the patient in front of them even more difficult. Fortunately ACLS online certification and recertification allows for fast and convenient completion so healthcare workers can focus again on their patient and not have to worry about taking precious time out of their schedule to sit in a classroom over the course of two days. ACLS online certification has actually been available for several years but it has only recently become more widely used by healthcare professionals. The processes and lessons haven’t changed significantly from the past but the common knowledge and acceptance of the courses has become more popular. Some may argue that live ACLS courses provide better training but there is no statistical evidence to prove such a claim. Also, the interventions taught in the live skills class need to be practiced in the work setting to gain any level of proficiency so there is little advantage to their five minute skills test. Most providers will tell you that the live skills training and test provides no added benefit to how they perform in the real world. One doctor was quoted for saying “I have never spent more than 10 minutes performing interventions on a dummy in a live ACLS classroom. The actual hands-on training in the ACLS courses is a total joke.”

Most doctors and nurses are frustrated with the time and money it takes to keep their licenses open. It becomes increasingly more difficult to make it as a provider. Another provider was quoted for saying “I spend a good ten percent of my time trying to just keep my licenses open. It’s so hard now a days to just keep up with all the paperwork. I have a mountain of paperwork for my patients and a mountain of paperwork for myself.” Finding solutions to license requirements can be difficult so having one less thing to worry about it an added bonus for those working in the healthcare industry.

other courses that are now conveniently offered online include PALS certification and BLS certification. PALS certification online is designed for healthcare workers that generally deal with the pediatric population. Both those that require ACLS and PALS will also need to take BLS certification which teaches the basics found in the ACLS and PALS courses.