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Building A Home For Your Practice In Sports Medicine

Updated: October 1, 2016

Since the world is an ever changing place it can be difficult to keep track of all the current news and events. Considering the vast amounts of information that bombards us each day we need to be selective in what we let into our ears and minds so we can make educated decisions. Here at the Dust Off Zone we have designed the site to help individuals stay current in events. Primarily we here at the Dust Off Zone get rid of the the hype and politics found covering the news and attempts to give our readers an honest and unbiased experienced.

We cover a wide variety of topics from PALS, BLS, and ACLS online certification to popular public figures and events. While many people gravitate towards sensationalized news we desire to steer our readers in a direction that will actually be beneficial and applicable to their personal lives. In the healthcare sector we cover breaking research and treatments as they become available. We also focus our healthcare topics on regularly practiced techniques that can be applied in emergency situations by our readers. These techniques and training include ACLS recertification, PALS online recertification, and BLS online recertification. Medical professionals usually have an interest in these topics because they are usually required to practice medicine when working with any patient population. Many take ACLS recertification online and BLS certification together.

Medical conference

We don’t want our articles to be be specifically designed for a type of professional. Rather we are attempting to give a broad range of information that can be applicable to the every day person. At times our articles will go into a depth beyond the use of the average individual but more for the understanding of the reader as they use the information that is applicable in their own lives.

Building a news and current events site takes a great deal of collaborative effort. We rely heavily on our readers and other contributors to make this website a dynamic and changing environment that provides useful and up to date information.

Other current events that will be covered will include sporting events. While not every game of the season will be covered we will be highlighting specific important games and statistics. We will also be highlighting figures in sports that have made contributions within their community. For example, Russell Wilson, the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, is well known for visiting children’s medical centers throughout the Seattle, Washington area. There he has been seen interacting with children suffering from a wide variety of diseases. This is just one example of the types of stories we will be covering here at the Dust Off Zone. We want to humanize sports and bring the figures in the game into a real world applicable situation.

Sports Stars

There is no reason we should let the propaganda machines we call media constantly influence our decisions and happiness. Letting a high bar of expectations for what we allow ourselves to view and read is imperative if we want to remain productive and frugal. We live in a society ruled by commerce and the consumption of new goods. While this is good for the economy in many ways we often lose sight of where our happiness is found in life. Instead we drown ourselves in the consumption of the next best thing that really doesn’t improve our quality of life.

While we can’t bring you happiness here on this blog we can help you learn a few things that will make you a better and more capable person and maybe even find a higher level of happiness along the way. An example of this is how we encourage every individual to learn ACLS online, BLS certification, and PALS recertification so they can react in the event of a heart attack. We want to enable our readers and make them active providers within their communities.

News Update

We would also like to hear from our readers and find out what they would most like to learn about. Without constant feedback we are left to our own devices to decide what it is as a general public you desire to read and learn about. Ultimately those that do contact us and make an effort for us to know what they want to learn about are the same individuals that will take the information we provide and apply it to their own lives. So welcome to the Dust Off Zone. Give us your input and become part of our family. you have nothing to lose here and everything to gain. We invite you to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and be an active participant in building applicable news stories that will improve your community.

We would like to thank all those who have contributed to our site and its development as we’ve strived hard over the past couple years to build something of value to our readers. There are many hands and hours that have been put into developing this content and we couldn’t have done it without the help of many key players.

Alternatives to Live Healthcare Training

Online ACLS courses are now recognized by many of the major healthcare facilities across the USA. These courses include the training that is normally found in the live courses. These courses go over hearth rhythms and other important training that is used on a regular basis in each and every hospital. The ACLS certification online therefore entails all the varied advanced knowledge that healthcare students would have been able to acquire should they opt for the live option.

Healthcare professionals are expected to know the techniques taught in ACLS online certification because of the necessity that these techniques be implemented in a time of emergency. Without such intervention a person can die quickly from a heart attack or stroke. Making sure that healthcare workers are thus trained in ACLS online is imperative.

Hospitals are always looking for better options related to how they can train their staff more efficiently and for cheaper. In the past live ACLS courses were their only option. Many facilities even starting offering live courses within their own walls to cut down on the expense. Today these courses are offered online which eliminates much of the expense for the hospitals.

Doctor Trained in PALS certification

Current times demand that time is of essence to all the different parties involved in various ventures. Online ACLS is thus one such course that aims at ensuring that the interested students get to save time. There are also the other different certification courses that the interested student may be able to acquire should they wish to acquire more certificates. One of the many being the PALS certification online course that refers to pediatric advanced life support certification courses aimed at ensuring that life saving skills are performed on children. PALS certification is often taught to nurses and doctors that work in the PICU or NICU. This is because these specific doctors and nurses have direct contact with children on a regular basis.

BLS certification online however seems to be the most basic of skills that any one interested in attaining life saving skills would be expected to undertake. The course simply abbreviates basic life support skills, offers all the different emergency training capable of ensuring life be sustained until more advanced options can be implemented.

ACLS Online Renewal Making Strong Advances

ACLS online renewal is making strong advances across the medical industry. There are many reasons why professional healthcare providers and their employers are making a push to bring certifications to a more convenient era. While many facilities are still requiring their students to take a live course there is no recorded data that shows that live courses are any more efficient at teaching cpr and the other life saving interventions found in ACLS.

ACLS is not the only course that is being taught online that has gained popularity. BLS and PALS certification have also gained a great deal of momentum in the past couple of years. Now providers that use these techniques regularly don’t need to attend a live classroom in order to get their certificate renewed. Thanks to automated teaching and testing materials students can complete the course work on their own schedule. This now allows providers who work night shifts to complete the course without having to upset their sleep schedule and lose a weekend with their family.

There are many ACLS providers on the market but one of the most prominent is United Medical Education. They are the premier ACLS, PALS, and BLS certification providers on the Internet. Their primary goal is to spread free training materials across the globe to areas that don’t have the financial means to purchase expensive courses or course materials. They use the funds they earn by providing courses to professional healthcare providers in first world countries to spread the techniques and teaching materials to the less fortunate.

While there is still a great deal of work to do to teach ACLS online renewal courses to all healthcare providers across the world incredible strides have been taken. United Medical Education claims to have sold courses to a large number of providers internationally and provided free materials to even more. While ACLS, PALS, and BLS won’t save everyone who experiences a life threatening event, it will help give a change to many who have a heart attack or a stroke and receive immediate attention.

ACLS online renewal is a great course for those interested in learning more about the medical profession. It has been designed to build a foundation of techniques and principles that can be used in every healthcare profession. We here at the Dust Off Zone recommend ACLS online renewal to anyone wanting to get into the medical field.

Nursing Assistant Recovers From Ebola

Have you ever wondered about the conditions of those who have recently contracted Ebola? One individual who recently overcame contracting ebola named Teresa Romero Ramos sure does. She was the first person to contract Ebola outside of West Africa since the recent outbreak of the disease. She stayed in the hospital for a long period of time away from friends and loved ones. Even thought she may have been free and clear of the disease for some time she still had to stay at the hospital while they made sure and ran several tests. Leaving the hospital she looked weak and in need of some time to recover but she was at least smiling and moving in the right direction.

Ebola virus treated

Like many who recover from Ebola Teresa attributed her recovery to a sheer miracle. From not knowing how she actually became sick with Ebola in the first place she still is a little confused about the whole situation. While she attributes her success to a miracle many say it’s because she was willing to take risks in her treatment.

It only took Teresa Romero Ramos thirty days to recover from the illness sufficiently to leave the hospital. They actually kept her in the same facility at which she contracted the Ebola infection. While disillusioned with the fact that she contracted the disease at the very hospital she was treated she was still very satisfied with the overall care she received from the medical staff at the facility.

One of the most difficult parts of contracting the disease is the emotional effect it takes on the individual. To be quarantined away from the rest of the world when you have a life threatening illness is very difficult to think about. Being separated from your loved ones at such a time is the worst possible thing for someone emotionally.

Fortunately while she was battling over the emotional stress of being separated from her loved ones there was still sufficient help and care from the medical staff at the hospital.

At this point in her time of release doctors have cleared Teresa of any change of getting others sick. That’s great news considering now she can return to her family as she makes a slow and steady recovery. While she may have contracted Ebola, the experience also came as a learning opportunity on how to better care for patients without contracting the disease. Hopefully Teresa can use that information in the future as she treats sick patients.

Hospital | Ebola Recovery

Teresa can also use the lessons she learned to help aid family members who’s loved one’s are in cardiac arrest and need ACLS certification techniques for recovery. While ACLS online recertification is available to everyone not everyone takes advantage of the lessons that can be learned.

Healthcare Workers Turn to ACLS Online As Their Primary Training Method

While ACLS certification and recertification have traditionally been performed in a classroom setting today ACLS online courses have been made available for the busy healthcare provider. It is important to recognize that much of our hospital staff are overworked here in the United States. It is surprising to see the amount of hours both doctors and nurses are now spending in the hospital without an increase in pay. Besides treating patients, the requisites to stay a licensed medical provider continue to increase. This makes focusing on the patient in front of them even more difficult. Fortunately ACLS online certification and recertification allows for fast and convenient completion so healthcare workers can focus again on their patient and not have to worry about taking precious time out of their schedule to sit in a classroom over the course of two days. ACLS online certification has actually been available for several years but it has only recently become more widely used by healthcare professionals. The processes and lessons haven’t changed significantly from the past but the common knowledge and acceptance of the courses has become more popular. Some may argue that live ACLS courses provide better training but there is no statistical evidence to prove such a claim. Also, the interventions taught in the live skills class need to be practiced in the work setting to gain any level of proficiency so there is little advantage to their five minute skills test. Most providers will tell you that the live skills training and test provides no added benefit to how they perform in the real world. One doctor was quoted for saying “I have never spent more than 10 minutes performing interventions on a dummy in a live ACLS classroom. The actual hands-on training in the ACLS courses is a total joke.”

Most doctors and nurses are frustrated with the time and money it takes to keep their licenses open. It becomes increasingly more difficult to make it as a provider. Another provider was quoted for saying “I spend a good ten percent of my time trying to just keep my licenses open. It’s so hard now a days to just keep up with all the paperwork. I have a mountain of paperwork for my patients and a mountain of paperwork for myself.” Finding solutions to license requirements can be difficult so having one less thing to worry about it an added bonus for those working in the healthcare industry.

other courses that are now conveniently offered online include PALS certification and BLS certification. PALS certification online is designed for healthcare workers that generally deal with the pediatric population. Both those that require ACLS and PALS will also need to take BLS certification which teaches the basics found in the ACLS and PALS courses.

ACLS Online Recertification

There is so much to learn when it comes to taking care of your personal health. So many people are concerned about their diets and what exercise routine they are doing. People today put so much focus on how they can improve their own health they don’t often consider the health of those around them. In fact, unless it is someone’s job to concern themselves about the health of the general public, not many people give it much thought. We believe this is a practice that needs to change. It interests me to see how many people will read this article and actually respond by taking action.

First I want you to think about what you are doing in your own life to keep yourself healthy. What actions and decisions do you make each day that helps you maintain a higher level of health. If you’re not taking appropriate action than you really need to set some goals for yourself before you start trying to change others. Second I want you to consider what it is you’re doing to help your community to stay healthy. Are you actively involved in making a difference in someone’s health? If the answer is “no” we don’t want you to feel bad about yourself. Instead we would like you to consider taking a course that could help you be an active participant in the event of a medical emergency.

Healthcare professionals are trained in CPR but that’s not all. They are also trained in something called ACLS online certification, BLS certification, and PALS certification. CPR teaches you the basics of what to do if someone is having a heart attack or is experiencing a stroke. ACLS online, BLS, and PALS certification however teach more advanced techniques that not just help preserve life until your neighbor reaches the hospital but also interventions that can be performed that may actually save the persons life. There are a variety of rhythms your heart can go into when experiencing a loss of oxygen. With a little bit of training you can learn ACLS online training and earn certification.

By doing so you empower yourself to be a first responder in your neighborhood. You will know what actions to take while also knowing how to direct other people. No one wants to be forced to stand at the side lines when such an event occurs. I’ve seen so many people panic rather than take action when a crisis is taking place. Now is the time to be the one who decides to take action in the event of cardiac arrest. ACLS online recertification will help you accomplish just that. BLS certification is also important to learn. It contains the basic principles found in ACLS online training. PALS certification is also important because it teaches similar techniques as ACLS but for pediatrics.

Doctor’s View of COPD Affects Patient Care

COPD or cardiopulmonary obstructive disease affects a large percentage of americans and people around the world. This is a common disease associated with those who have a long standing habit of smoking. As a result it has there is a stigma behind those who have this disease. Healthcare professionals entire job is to not just help the sick get better but also to help individuals make better healthcare decisions on their own.

Doctors and nurses are guilty of blaming the patient for their disease of COPD. As a result this has led to those suffering from COPD to receive less attention than other patients that have chronic diseases that are admitted to the hospital. Other things to be mentioned is although COPD is the third leading cause of death in the USA there is little evidence based research on how to actually treat the disease.

Statistics show that although the majority of people who have COPD had a long history of smoking, 25% of individuals with COPD have no history of smoking. Many providers who have a COPD patient who says they didn’t smoke often don’t believe the patient. These patients are often influenced to feel a sense of blame for their condition and feel even worse if they are unable to quit smoking. Having a sense of blame or guilt does not help in the recovery process of a disease. In fact, this often leads to patients trying to disguise their symptoms or not seek after the treatments that they need to maintain the disease. This is particularly true if the patient is still smoking.

Oxygen for COPD patients

Currently some practitioners have become more aware of the stigma that follows COPD patients and have been conducting more research related to treatments. Research findings show that taking both beta agonists and corticosteroids together results in 8% fewer deaths and hospitalizations of the COPD patients. An 8% difference is a significant marker for a treatment regimen that can easily be implemented by a healthcare provider. Even better findings are related to those who had a history of both COPD and asthma. Those that suffered from both of those diseases had a 16% less chance of hospitalization or death.

We all recognize the primary problem being smoking but addiction is a powerful thing and many who begin smoking at a young age don’t understand or appreciate the long term affects of their decisions. Understanding this can help healthcare providers empathize with smokers and be additionally motivated to treat and cure patients with the disease.

COPD often leads to respiratory difficulty that leads to cardiac arrest and even death. Much of the efforts made by physicians in saving the lives of those that have COPD in the end stages include the use of the ACLS certification training. ACLS online certification training is available to anyone who wants to learn how to treat these individuals. Fortunately pediatric patients rarely suffer from COPD so healthcare professionals who take care of COPD patients may not require PALS certification online but they will need BLS certification.