Building A Home For Your Practice In Sports Medicine

Updated: October 1, 2016

Since the world is an ever changing place it can be difficult to keep track of all the current news and events. Considering the vast amounts of information that bombards us each day we need to be selective in what we let into our ears and minds so we can make educated decisions. Here at the Dust Off Zone we have designed the site to help individuals stay current in events. Primarily we here at the Dust Off Zone get rid of the the hype and politics found covering the news and attempts to give our readers an honest and unbiased experienced.

We cover a wide variety of topics from PALS, BLS, and ACLS online certification to popular public figures and events. While many people gravitate towards sensationalized news we desire to steer our readers in a direction that will actually be beneficial and applicable to their personal lives. In the healthcare sector we cover breaking research and treatments as they become available. We also focus our healthcare topics on regularly practiced techniques that can be applied in emergency situations by our readers. These techniques and training include ACLS recertification, PALS online recertification, and BLS online recertification. Medical professionals usually have an interest in these topics because they are usually required to practice medicine when working with any patient population. Many take ACLS recertification online and BLS certification together.

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We don’t want our articles to be be specifically designed for a type of professional. Rather we are attempting to give a broad range of information that can be applicable to the every day person. At times our articles will go into a depth beyond the use of the average individual but more for the understanding of the reader as they use the information that is applicable in their own lives.

Building a news and current events site takes a great deal of collaborative effort. We rely heavily on our readers and other contributors to make this website a dynamic and changing environment that provides useful and up to date information.

Other current events that will be covered will include sporting events. While not every game of the season will be covered we will be highlighting specific important games and statistics. We will also be highlighting figures in sports that have made contributions within their community. For example, Russell Wilson, the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, is well known for visiting children’s medical centers throughout the Seattle, Washington area. There he has been seen interacting with children suffering from a wide variety of diseases. This is just one example of the types of stories we will be covering here at the Dust Off Zone. We want to humanize sports and bring the figures in the game into a real world applicable situation.

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There is no reason we should let the propaganda machines we call media constantly influence our decisions and happiness. Letting a high bar of expectations for what we allow ourselves to view and read is imperative if we want to remain productive and frugal. We live in a society ruled by commerce and the consumption of new goods. While this is good for the economy in many ways we often lose sight of where our happiness is found in life. Instead we drown ourselves in the consumption of the next best thing that really doesn’t improve our quality of life.

While we can’t bring you happiness here on this blog we can help you learn a few things that will make you a better and more capable person and maybe even find a higher level of happiness along the way. An example of this is how we encourage every individual to learn ACLS online, BLS certification, and PALS recertification so they can react in the event of a heart attack. We want to enable our readers and make them active providers within their communities.

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We would also like to hear from our readers and find out what they would most like to learn about. Without constant feedback we are left to our own devices to decide what it is as a general public you desire to read and learn about. Ultimately those that do contact us and make an effort for us to know what they want to learn about are the same individuals that will take the information we provide and apply it to their own lives. So welcome to the Dust Off Zone. Give us your input and become part of our family. you have nothing to lose here and everything to gain. We invite you to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and be an active participant in building applicable news stories that will improve your community.

We would like to thank all those who have contributed to our site and its development as we’ve strived hard over the past couple years to build something of value to our readers. There are many hands and hours that have been put into developing this content and we couldn’t have done it without the help of many key players.